Project Management

If you intend purchasing land and constructing your own property then we recommend using a reputable project management company. Working on a project such as constructing a villa in Thailand can be frustrating at times and some things can appear to be far more difficult than the same tasks in your own country. This is usually caused by language barriers and differences in culture. A professional project management company takes a lot of the stress out of the project for the owner. The project management company will also usually be able to advise their clients on which sub-contractors they recommend for particular specialist jobs. They will normally have worked with a variety of construction companies and sub-contractors. As well they will have experience of problems encountered in the past as well as an extensive knowledge of Thai and the culture differences. As such they will be preventing many small problems that often an owner 'project manager' would not spot. This can save you considerable time and money.It is by no means impossible to project manage your own build but be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time on-site overseeing things. If you have the time and knowledge then it can be a rewarding experience however for the majority of investors we recommend using a professional company.
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