Building & Construction

Your selection of construction company is extremely important. If you intend to employ a project manager or project management company then it is often best to ask them their advice as it is likely they will have worked with a number of construction companies and can advise you accordingly. We do not recommend project managing the project yourself unless you are planning on being on-site at least 80% of the time and have a reasonable knowledge of the Thai language and Thai culture. Invariably westerners unfamiliar with these things get angry and frustrated on building projects. A project management company deals with situations on construction sites full time as their business and can usually foresee problems that you will not unless you have prior experience.

One of the most important factors in selecting your construction company is their past record. We recommend you ask to be taken to 2 or 3 houses or projects by each company so you can look at the quality of the build and the finishing. Employing construction companies that have completed very little or nothing is not recommended.


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